Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Version of HayWire Now Available

After many months of distraction, I have finally pulled together a new version of Haywire that you can download from the Seductive Logic web site.

This version adds a tabbed view selection area to the top-left of center area that lets users select several sub-views of interest. These include:

  • An "always available" subset of the "Page" overview display called RADAR.

  • Picture-in-picture size and area selector.

  • FFT location and height

  • Image warping control for the 3-D "fly-over" screen.

  • Histogram.

  • Timing diagram.

  • ...more to follow...

Other improvements have been made, correcting some errors, and improving performance. The video capture feature has also been restored, although it is for highly-advanced users only.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jamie, this is great software, I've had lots of fun using it in the past. Are there any reasons why you decided not to include the ability to resize the software window? Would be great to be able to view the memory output without all of the overlayed windows! Thanks for sharing your efforts with the world.