Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Version of HayWire Now Available

After many months of distraction, I have finally pulled together a new version of Haywire that you can download from the Seductive Logic web site.

This version adds a tabbed view selection area to the top-left of center area that lets users select several sub-views of interest. These include:

  • An "always available" subset of the "Page" overview display called RADAR.

  • Picture-in-picture size and area selector.

  • FFT location and height

  • Image warping control for the 3-D "fly-over" screen.

  • Histogram.

  • Timing diagram.

  • ...more to follow...

Other improvements have been made, correcting some errors, and improving performance. The video capture feature has also been restored, although it is for highly-advanced users only.